Manual Websense Database creation


The Catalog Database was not created at installation, or became corrupted.


Create the Catalog Database manually from the command line.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, go to Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. The Command shell opens.
  2. Get the name of the Server, which is the database instance or host name.
  3. Enter the createdbu command to create the new Catalog Database, including:
    • Server name
    • User name or “” (two double quotes) for trusted connection
    • Password or “” (two double quotes) for no password for trusted connection
    • Component (enter LogServer, Reporter, or Both)
    • New Catalog Database name
    • Database path (C:\Program Files\Websense\SQL)

    Be sure to include spaces in between each command and enclose each command with double quotes. For example:

    createdbu "WS-DB-SERVER" "ws_admin" "password1" "LogServer" "newlogdb63" "C:\Program Files\Websense\SQL"

    To see the options available with the createdbu command, enter the following:

    C:\Program Files\Websense\SQL\CreateDbU.exe - Help


    It may take a few minutes for the database to be created.

    Both the catalog and partition databases should exist once the process is complete.

  4. Go to Microsoft SQL Server to verify that the new Catalog Database has been created. For Microsoft SQL Server 2000, go to Enterprise Manager. For Microsoft SQL Server 2005, go to Management Studio.
    1. For SQL Server 2000, the default path for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Enterprise Manager
    2. Expand the navigation tree to reveal the SQL Server name and the folders beneath it.
    3. Open the Databases folder to see the new Catalog Database (for this example, newlogdb63).
  5. Restart the Log Server.
    1. Go to the Windows Start menu and select Programs > Websense > Utilities > LogServer Setup. The Log Server Configuration displays with multiple tabs.
    2. Go to the Connection tab and click Stop in Service Status.
    3. Click Start in Service Status. You should see a message that says the service is running.
  6. Update your Explorer Settings.
    1. Go to Enterprise Explorer via Programs > Websense > Web Reporting Tools.
    2. Select Settings in Enterprise Explorer.
    3. Check the View the catalog database option.
    4. Click Save Settings.
  7. Go to Database Administration in the Reporting Tools Portal to see that the new Catalog Database name is displayed. At the top of the Database Administration screen, you will see Settings for: <machine name> \ <new Catalog Database name>.

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