Extract all Dell drivers for a specific OS and Server

Dell has a nice utility (make_driver_dir.exe) included on their setup disk that copies drivers for a specific O/S and platform (their servers) into a directory of your choice. Utility is on the Installation and Server Management (bootable) cd in the cdrom_drive\server_assistant\driver_tool\bin\ directory.


    -h | –help              prints this message
    -d | –dest_dir <dir>    destination directory to extract drivers to
*   -i | –input_dir <dir>   source Server Assistant CD
    -p | –platform <plat>   limits the drivers extracted to the specified
    -o | –os <os name>      extracts drivers for specified operating
                               system only
    -v | –verbose           enable verbose output
    -q | –quiet             suppress verbose output
    -y | –yum               create yum repo from resulting dest (for extract
                             only) Requires /usr/bin/createrepo for new format
                             yum repo and /usr/bin/yum-arch for old format yum
                             repo. Will run both binaries if found.
         –extract           extract drivers
         –info              provides information about platform/operating
                               system support (default)
         –hardlink          hardlink all destination files (saves space, only
                               works if operating system supports hardlinks)

Action to take is a required parameter. Specify one of: [–extract | –info]

— Required parameters are denoted by an asterisk (*)

Example Syntax:
#– future stuff needs to be first
from __future__ import generators

windowsSyntax = “C:\> make_driver_dir -i d:\ -d c:\drv -p pe1855 -o w2003 –extract\n”
linuxSyntax = “$ ./make_driver_dir.py -i /media/cdrom -d ~/drivers/ -p pe1855 -o rh40 –extract\n”

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